Thursday, January 12, 2012

{caden's teddy bear}

This last Christmas I decided to try something new, making stuffed animals for my younger kids. This first teddy bear I made was somewhat difficult because the pattern did not offer good instructions at all. I used this How Joyful pattern, which is free.  I have sewn for a long time, and I have made lots of different things and followed lots of different patterns, but this was the first time making a stuffed animal & I could not for the life of me figure out what I did wrong with the feet.  They are funky looking and usually this would drive me so crazy that I would take it apart & fix it, but for now it's staying with some weird feet.
Despite his imperfections Caden loved his new teddy bear when he opened it on Christmas morning.
Edited to add photos of the back of the bear. 
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dziab said...

Hi there :)

I'm searching for a less complicated pattern for a teddy bear, but I wind up finding the HowJoyful template, which is quite difficult.
About the legs... I think the brown elliptical feet part should be the other way around - the larger 2/3 part of it should be sewn to the top leg (feet) and you seem to sew it to the bottom leg part (where the smaller part should be sewn).

How did you sew the head to the body after turning both parts right side out? Any suggestions on how to sew it clean?

Nice work!
When I finish my teddy bear I'll do the froggy one :)

Regards from Poland!

Rachelle said...

Thanks Michal,
I'll have to try to fix that & see if it looks right. I appreciate your help.

When you finish your bear, send me a link so I can see yours, if you don't mind.

Did you see the other teddy bear I made for my daughter? The pattern is much simpler.

Thanks again & good luck,

dziab said...

Sure, I'll post my photos somewhere or send them to you :)

Thanks for the other bear!

Anonymous said...

Its been a lot of trial and error, but I'm at the end, and having trouble with sewing the arms/shoulders on and then attaching the head to the body. Can you post a pic of the back of the bear please:)

Rhonda said...

Here is a link to the bear I made using the same pattern. I agree that it was a bit difficult because the instructions were unclear and some of the pattern pieces seemed to be too large or too small to fit properly.

I sewed the arms on this one as if they were set-in sleeves. Not the easiest option, but it worked nicely.

The head I sewed to the body from shoulder around the back to the other shoulder on my machine. Then I stuffed head and body and sewed the front of the head to the front of the body by hand.

dziab said...

Rhonda, nice one! :) I like the colours and the choice of pieces.

I forgot to post the photos of my teddy's...
I made 5 so far (1 for me, other for my brother, friends, and niece).
First two of them are half size of the original printed pattern (seemed too large for me), 3 of them are 1/4 size. The bigger ones are about 30cm, the smaller are about 15cm.

The first one - TADEK - is a traveler and I carry it on almost all my trips:

The first one and third one (first of that size) together:

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