Monday, June 15, 2009

a letter & a sneak peek

It's almost time for Girl's Camp (we leave later this week)! Those that have followed my blog for awhile have seen the projects that I did last year! If you are fairly new here, you can click here & here to see those fun projects. I made some 2 years ago, but I wasn't into blogging yet, so of course I didn't take pictures of those. For those that don't know, in our church we take the Young Women (girls ages 12-18) camping each summer & they work on certification (learning to tie knots, first-aid, survival skills, etc.) When I was a Young Woman, we would go for a whole week. Now they only get to go for 2-3 days. I think it's a shame, because I honestly loved being there the whole week. I have so many great memories from Girl's Camp. We actually aren't taking all of our girls this year, which I'm pretty sad about, because all of the girls 14 & older just went on the Pioneer Trek a few weeks ago. So I'm sad that my oldest daughter can't go, but excited to be with Cammi again!

Anyways, now as a leader I still get to have some fun! I am in charge of a craft this year (that'll come in a later post). I'm also making the beaded pens that I posted yesterday! I also get to take hundreds of pictures (there probably won't be hundreds this year since we'll only have half the girls that we normally would have)! Another fun part is our parent letters. They ask each of the parents to write a letter to the girls, expressing our love & bearing our testimonies to our girls & whatever else you want to write. They give them to the girls the last night at camp. This is something that the girls really look forward to, after a few days away from home they are usually a little homesick & welcome any part of home they can get. Well, I like to have a little fun with my letters, of course, being the creative person I am I can't just hand over a plain envelope! So the picture at the top is one side of the envelope/letter. I chose a paper that was a light color & faint print on one side, so I wrote the letter on that side & then just folded it & cut the edge cute to make it an envelope as well!

My Cammi loves to read, so I found this little bookmark for her & distressed it & I'm adding this in the letter! I'm also going to add a little bag of plain m&m's in there too...shhh!


This is a little sneak peek of something fun coming tomorrow! I did a little more sewing today! So check back tomorrow night (hopefully) to see what this is in whole! Isn't it cute even though you can't tell what it really is?

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1 comment:

--Arnnette said...

How special, she will be the envy of all the girls when they see she got chocolate from her mama.

I loved Camp Lomia. To this day I hear my glitter name is still in the addie from when I was a Mia Maid, 14 years old!

Have fun!

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