Sunday, May 16, 2010

{Bags, Bags & more Bags}

Here are some sneak peeks of my bags that I'm selling on Etsy.

This first one is the Kristi bag! This one is named after my good friend Kristi, who now lives across the street from me {Yay!}, and it is also named for my SIL, Kristi {my only brother's wife}! This is a medium sized bag.
etsy bags
This one is the Ila Bag {medium sized}, named after my dear Grandma Pulsipher. She is my grandma on my mom's side of the family and she passed away back in December 2003, just 6 weeks before I had my last baby. It was a tough time for me and I wasn't able to go up North for her funeral, because I had just gotten out of the hospital with pneumonia and was still recovering and one of my girls had it as well, so we thought it was best not to go up to the snow and chance either of us getting sick again. I miss her so much and can't wait until I can see her again someday.
etsy bags

This is the Becky tote, named after one of my cousins-in-law. This one is a large tote style bag.
etsy bags

This is the Mary Blossom Bag {medium sized}, named after my SIL on my husband's side of the family!
etsy bags
This is my Heather's Bloom Bag {medium sized}, named after my baby sister!
etsy bags
This is one of my newest bags that I just finished recently. It is not up on Etsy just yet, but will be in the next day or two {along with another new one I just finished a few days ago}. This one is my Ashlee Bag, named after one of my many awesome niece's. This bag is pretty small.
etsy bags
If you would like to see more information about these bags please visit {Rachelle's Place}~My Etsy Shop.

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American Quilter's Society said...

Great work! We look forward to seeing and reading more from you.

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