Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spidey & Lightning Scripture Bags

This last Christmas I took the Handmade Pledge, but instead of just buying handmade, since I am a crafter at heart, I wanted to make as many gifts as possible. This was a little difficult as I was very busy with my photography business, so it left me with little time to create. But I really wanted to make some things for my kids that they really wanted or needed. I had some great ideas for my girls...2 of them had already asked for the school bags that I made them. I knew I could also make flower clips, headbands, or any type of jewelry & they would be happy. But what would I make for my boys? That task was a little harder.


My oldest boy, S-man (8 yr. old), was baptized on the 19th of December & as tradition we give our children their first "real" set of scriptures with their names engraved on them & a scripture bag, for their baptism. Well, the bag I bought S-man barely fit the scriptures & I knew it wasn't going to last long. The bags that would have fit better were more expensive than the scriptures themselves & I couldn't see how that made any sense at I thought this was something that I could make for him...but what about Mr. C (my 5 yr. old)?


Well, the day after S-man's baptism when he grabbed his scripture bag (the one I bought him) as we were heading out the door for church, Mr. C insisted that he have a bag too. So he headed back to the bedroom & went in search of a bag that he could carry to church. Well, the only one he could find & was satisfied with was big sister, Missy M's, little pretty, flowery scripture bag. So he went to church with that! This was when I decided that he needed his own "church" bag as well. Both of the boys were so excited when they opened their bags on Christmas day & that really did my heart good.


You can't really see it in these photos, but I made a pocket out of the printed fabric on one side of each bag, but it was a little too short, so it doesn't really hold much in it. It's still there, but I'll be adjusting the pattern a little to make it deeper next time, so it will hold items in better.

The Spidey & Lightning fabric I used on these bags were scraps left over from these bags that I made for my sisters boys back a few months ago. It's amazing what little scraps can be used for, so don't throw those little pieces away, unless they are truly too small for any project!

Simply Crafting,

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