Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chel's tote

I made this bag for me & I LOVE it already! I used some material that I already had & some scraps from the Melissa bag. It's amazing what you can do with little pieces of leftover fabric. I wish I had a little more of the flowered print so I could have made the band at the bottom a little wider! I put an extra thick interfacing in every one of my bags to help them hold their shape and last longer. If you'd like a bag like this one, they are $45 and you can email me at: chelscraps (at) yahoo(.)com. This bag measures 16" wide x 13" tall (not including straps). The straps are 24" from end to end, so the bag is a total of 25" tall including the straps.

This is one side of the inside. I made a really large pocket for my camera to fit in & then a smaller one on the outside of the large one.
This is the other side of the inside. There's another medium sized pocket in the center & then I made a small pocket up at the top for my cell phone. Now I don't have to dig in the larger pockets to find my phone. I love it!

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Tabatha said...

VEry cute Rachelle! I love it too!

MarQuette said...

This is my favorite! I was thinking I'ld ask mom if I can raid her material to see if I can find some I like for this bag. I love the extra pockets - for Camera,Cell phone and my Keys. I hate digging for my keys and cell. Plus it big enough for all my churh stuff. Cant wait to have you make me one!

MarQuette said...
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Teresa said...

Yeah, this is pretty cute! Geez, I wish you were my neighbor!

Rachelle said...

Teresa, I could make you one of these and mail it if you really want one!

Rachelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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