Wednesday, December 31, 2008

no crafting lately

Sorry I've been kind of incognito lately. With Christmas coming way to fast, starting a new class (English 102) & the kids being home for 2 weeks, who has time to craft? I'm going through withdrawals though. I need to do something crafty in a huge way. I'm planning to get some things done in the next few days & hope to be able to post some pictures soon.

I will be starting up some classes again pretty soon as well. I should have my craft room back pretty soon. For those that don't know we live in a very small house & in order to put up our "way too big of a tree for our house" tree we have to move our love seat out of our livingroom. So that means that my craft room gets taken over by a love seat & an end table, when there really isn't room for it in there. For some reason this causes everyone to think this is the place to dump their junk since mom's not using the room anyway. Really what happened is that the girls went through all their clothes & we needed to put them in the shed (which we get to through my craft room) but they couldn't put them in the shed because of the love seat being in the way. So everything just got dumped in there for the past month.

Anyway, I took the tree down today & we moved the love seat & end table back into the livingroom. Yeah! So once I take the gumption to get the kids in there to help me clean all the messes that they made, then I'll have my room back again. Oh, on top of all the clothes being dumped in there, my 3 little ones decided to get several games out & play in there & didn't think they needed to put them away, so there are game pieces everywhere in there! Of course, I've avoided that room for the past month since I can't get to anything anyway, so I didn't even know they had done this until we went in there to get our life back to normal today. That is going to be really fun to clean up. Wish me luck & I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve! (I will be scrapbooking/crafting while everyone else is playing games ;)!!! Delicious Tweet It! Facebook

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