Friday, June 24, 2011

{Father's Day Banner tutorial}

  I made this tie banner for my hubby and wanted to be able to use it again so I made it out of fabric rather than paper.  I didn't really intend to make this a tutorial, but I think I have enough pictures that I may be able to show you all the steps.  I'm not very good at explaining everything, so please email me if you don't understand something.  I found the pattern for the tie & the idea for this banner here.  She made hers out of paper, but, like I said before I'm showing you how to make it out of fabric.
1.  Print & cut out the tie pattern. 
2.  Cut the tie out of fusible Wonder Under (you'll need to cut out 30-two pieces for each tie).
3.  Next you'll cut the tie out of your choice of fabric.  You'll need 2 pieces for each tie--one for the front & one for the back.  Before you cut them out decide if you want your "knot" to go a different direction like mine is.  If so then you need to cut your pattern piece and cut these out separately changing the angle of the "knot" piece when you cut them out.  Do this only for 1/2 of the ties (just for the front pieces).  You'll need the back pieces to be one whole piece to hold the whole tie together.  Note: you do not need to cut the Wonder Under into two pieces.
4. Iron the Wonder Under to each tie piece.  Make sure to tuck the bottom piece under the "knot".  
5. Peel the paper backing off the ties (from the Wonder Under).  I laid out my ties for one word & a time so I could see how close I needed them to be.  Using a hot glue gun glue each tie to your choice of string. I only glued the top where the tie touches the cording, because the rest of it will be ironed together.  I'm sorry I don't have a good picture of this part.  I happened to have this cording that turned out to be perfect for this project.  {I love it when that happens}!  I glued all the fronts for each word ("Happy", "Father's", etc.) at one time.  Then went back & glue the back's on.  Does that make sense?   
6.   Next cut out your letters.  I just went onto the computer, found a font that I love {I used this one}.  These are some other good ones "My Own Topher" & "Howser".  I opened a document in photoshop and sized them to the size I wanted.  I typed out just the letters that I needed, printed them out, cut them out & then cut them out of my fabric.   
7.  Iron your letters onto the Wonder Under and cut out.  Next, peel the backing off and iron them to the ties.   
8.  I wish I would have taken a good picture of the ends, but I just tied a knot with a loop so that I could just hook them onto a thumb tack.  I hope that makes sense.
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