Sunday, May 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday-May 11-16th

Dinner time at our house this week is going to be pretty crazy. Monday night I have a PTSO meeting/dinner, Tues. night is our 15 yo daughter's choir concert, Wed. night is our 13 yo daughter's band concert. Then Thursday night is our 15 yo's choir banquet, our 13 yo's Academic Night (where she'll be recieving an award) & our 11 yo daughter's band concert. Can you tell me how we are supposed to be in 3 places at once, I thought they were supposed to coordinate these things with the others schools since they are all in the same district? Crazy huh, so maybe now you'll understand the very simple meals we'll be having this week.
If you'd like to see how I run my menu planning system go here. I've been doing it this way since November of last year & it has helped me tremendously. I have saved so much more money at the grocery store since I've been doing this.
Monday: Bow-tie Alfredo (my boys absolutely love this & it's the simplest thing to make)

Tuesday: Spaghetti/garlic bread/veggies
Wednesday: Fried chicken/rice/veggies (nothing fancy here, just frozen fried chicken & minute rice)
Thursday: Grilled cheese sandwiches
Saturday: Navajo Taco's
The recipes that I've linked here are from the blog that my 4 sisters & I share. Feel free to head on over to Table for 5 to see lots of other great recipes & a few other fun things.
You may notice that I don't include Sunday's on my menu plan. This is because we have dinner with my family & rotate amongst my siblings who makes dinner, so I only have to make dinner on Sunday nights every 6 weeks.

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I Do Faces said...

Your so crafty, I'm jealous!! You need a family blog!

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