Monday, November 17, 2008

Boutique items for Sale!

My boutique is over & I have some items left to sale. If you'd like to purchase these items please email me at chelscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com. If you need them shipped to you, you will be responsible for shipping charges in addition to the price of the item. Those charges will vary depending on what the item is. I will wait for your payment to clear before I will send the items.

Give Thanks Frame $25
This is an 8x10 oval frame
I loved this frame so much that I had to make one for myself. There is no glass in this frame, & the leaves are "popping out" so it looks more 3d, which I really like. The leaves are glued down with sticky strip, so they are stuck pretty good.

Recipe Album ~~$30 each (I only have 1 left!)

These albums measure 7"x5". The front & back are made of very sturdy, thick chipboard & are "mod-podged" for protection & includes 16 cardstock pages inside (32 pgs. front & back). There are 4 sheets each of 4 different colors-Kiwi Kiss, Chocolate Chip, Pink Pirouette & Riding Hood Red (you can see all of those colors on the front of the album). The rings are large enough that you can add several more pages if you'd like. That's what I plan to do with mine as I gather more recipes! The two I have for sale don't have the ribbon across the front, they have the little house, but instead of the heart one has a star & the other has a flower. These two also have round cardstock tabs instead of ribbon tabs, which I like much better. You can add the names of the recipes on the tabs if you'd like. These do not include the recipes inside as I'm sure my favorites are not yours, but they do include the little decorations (stamped/die-cut flowers, butterflies, etc.). It's very easy to include your favorite recipes. I just typed mine in word & printed them out.

Christmas Lists Books $10 each
These books are designed to keep you a little more organized during the busy Christmas season. They have approximately 60 pgs. & can be used for several years. I've already been using mine for 2 years & have plenty more pages to use for several more to come.

These books have a section for:

**"Wish Lists" - to keep track of your family's/friend's wish lists for Christmas.

**A "Gift" list -to keep track of what you've already bought. I'm sure several of you are like me & don't get all of your shopping done in one day & at one store, so this really helps to take along with you so you remember what you've already bought for each person. (I actually use a code, just in case one of my kids gets ahold of my book they won't know who is getting what.)
**A "Cards to send" list - to keep track of the Christmas cards you need to send. I like to have a checklist & I keep track of who is getting pictures & which ones I'm emailing, etc. Then I already know where that list is next year when I need to send cards again & it's so simple to update.

**An "Events" list - to keep track of all those fun Holiday parties, concerts & activities

& one blank tab to add whatever you would like.

(Blessings-Reserved for MarQuette)

"Blessings", "Family" & "Joy" Books~~$5 each

These books measure 5"x5" & they each have 80 pgs. They are "mod-podged" on the outside, to protect the paper.

These books were made to be "gratitude journals", but you can use them for whatever you'd like. For those that don't know what a "gratitude journal" is, it's a book that you write about something different each time that you are grateful for. You can write once a day, once a week or whenever you feel like it. It's a great thing to have when you're having a bad day, you can look back to what you've written about & remember the blessings that you receive each day. It would be nice to have one that each member of the family could write in collectively! It's also nice to have your own personal one, so you can be a little more intimate with your writing when you want to be.

Gratitude Journal~~$10

This book is a little larger than the previous ones & it has cute tabs on it, it measures 6"x4" & has about 80 pgs. This book is "mod-podged" on the outside to protect the paper!

I have a journal similar to this that I keep next to my bed & write just before I go to bed. (I don't write every night, but I try to write at least once or twice a week). I'm planning on giving my older girls some of these for Christmas (shh!) to try to get them to focus more on their blessings!

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MarQuette said...

I like the "Blessings" Book - If you can hold one for me until we get paid either this week or next I'm not sure which week I'll be able to afford it - we have a large bill this week to pay, so maybe next week. Let me know if holding it is okay, no problem if not!

MarQuette said...

Actually I'm thinking of getting 2 "Blessing" ones if you have them made - One as a gift for someone. If not maybe the "Joy" one but I perfer the "Blessings" - Then I would owe you $10.

Anonymous said...

Will please post a picture of the christmas lists books that is open so I can see want inside looks like.

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